Watch Embedded Linux Conference 2022 presentation on Yocto and System Device Tree


Mark Hatle from AMD Xilinx presented at Embedded Linux Conference 2022 about “Configuring and Building a Heterogenous System Using the Yocto Project”.

Abstract: Modern embedded systems are becoming more and more complex. This complexity is driving designs that require heterogenous systems. The talk will discuss why using a system device-tree may be a good approach to defining such as system, how a Yocto Project build project is configured for these types of systems, and an example of automating the configuration using a system device-tree. Once the system is configured, it can be used to construct and package the components for the defined heterogenous system, including Linux, bare metal applications, and firmware. Implementation details will be covered, as well as strategies to deal with binary only components. Mark will also discuss an example of how he has used these items to designed a heterogenous implementation with the Yocto Project for an FPGA based system that includes (aarch64) cortex-A, cortex-r5, and Microblaze architectures.

You can watch the video of the presentation here.

You can download the PDF of the presentation here.