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OpenAMP (Open Asymmetric Multi-Processing) seeks to standardize the interactions between operating environments in a heterogeneous embedded system through open source solutions for Asymmetric MultiProcessing (AMP).

SoCs (System on a Chip) are becoming more heterogeneous, with multiple processor clusters and special-purpose accelerators. As a result, AMP (Asymmetric MultiProcessing) systems need to be able to run different operating environments side-by-side on the same chip. Developing a standard shared memory scheme for the configuration and interaction between these environments will simplify working with SoCs.

OpenAMP (Open Asymmetric Multi-Processing) is a framework providing the software components needed to enable the development of software applications for AMP systems. It allows operating systems to interact within a broad range of complex homogeneous and heterogeneous architectures and allows asymmetric multiprocessing applications to leverage parallelism offered by the multicore configuration.

This presentation gives some brief details about OpenAMP.